God’s Choice

A walk-through of Romans 9 shows details in the predestination debate with Pharaoh's hardened heart and God's election of Israel. Are you a vessel of destruction or a vessel of mercy? It's never a good choice for the clay to be upset with the potter.


Active Faith

Very few Christians define precisely what faith is.  Webster’s defines it as unquestioning belief, complete trust, confidence, or loyalty.  Believers and unbelievers alike casually toss around the word faith as a vague and mysterious feeling that cannot be explained but somehow everyone “gets.”   According to them, one can have faith to do anything.  How does … Continue reading Active Faith

A Most Important Week

Attentive hearts waited in anticipation. They had waited hundreds of years for this day.  Safe inside their rooms enthralled with each significant detail, it was a day that would be spoken of forever.  The angel of the LORD was outside looking for blood.  If it was found on the doorpost, He would pass over that … Continue reading A Most Important Week


Philemon is a short book.  Paul wrote it with Timothy from house arrest in Rome after the change at Acts 28:28.  It was written to Philemon, a Colossian Jew.  He was a wealthy slave-owner who had believed a divinely heralded salvation-bringing message from Paul, God’s apostle to the nations (ethnos).  Onesimus was Philemon's runaway slave … Continue reading Philemon